Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Impressions

I've always heard that first impressions are important.

It's nearly 4:00AM. This opening will be brief.

Old Step Light Road -- it was the name of a road off of a two-lane highway near where I grew up. I drove past that road on many a night, passing it in the darkness. My headlights would reflect off of the green road sign, giving me a brief glimpse of the name. I could see houses in the near distance down that road, their yellow and white window lights gleaming out on the night. The people who lived in those houses I never knew: their lives were a complete mystery to me. I never drove down that road.

But I have to admit that I always wanted to go there.....perhaps knock on the door of strangers.......and learn about people & places that were hidden to me.

I intend for this to be a reflection. I'd like to make that turn in the night, and travel down Old Step Light Road.